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First, it helps to know a little background concerning SPAM to understand why it even exists. I'm always being asked why people spam. "What do these individuals get out of it?" Well, it's just like those TV commercials that you cannot stand. Why do they keep replaying them? Actually no one really calls in and buys from that hokey business do they?

As strange because it may appear, they do. Of course, many legendary promoting folks have assured me that if I see any kind of TV ad, mailing, or spam time and again it is a guarantee that it's creating its owners massive money.

Currently when it involves spam it is a very little tougher to believe, however ABC's 20/20 news magazine profiled those Nigerian email scams and showed us real folks (even Doctor's) swindled out of thousands of bucks; all hoping for a massive score that they knew was too sensible to be true.

Greed got the best of them

Some individuals actually believe the scam and their tender heart makes them wish to assist - thus they send money. The remainder, I'm afraid, were just hoping for a massive score. They knew better, however sent their money in anyway. And that is what fuels the spammers on.

But do these spammers really make money?

Testimony throughout the trial of one spammer showed that innumerable spams were sent per day, netting around a 0.5 million greenbacks a month after bandwidth charges, despite the fact that solely 1 in thirty,000 recipients purchased anything. One in 30,000. That's 0.0000333%. Spammers use the law of huge numbers to make it work, even at such a coffee response rate.

Send enough emails and you discover customers; and purchase, they do. And with that sort of cash at stake, it isn't laborious to work out why spammers are outstripping the flexibility of the good guys & gals to prevent them.

Another favorite of spammers is promoting penny stocks. Spammers will buy these thinly traded, inexpensive stocks -- that they then promote in several spam emails. The ensuing jump in price will build up to ten percent returns in a very single day, or additional in some cases. The suckers who buy the touted stocks sometimes lose money by holding on too long. The runup, if successful, might not last more than a day. Repeat that process over many weeks and you are talking real profits. Here once more, the spammers are preying on greed.

How do the spammers find me?

Plain and easy, you get spam because spammers got your email address. Sometimes they merely use laptop programs to get addresses and a small share flip out to be valid. If you open it, or worse, reply to it - even to inform them to require you off the list - they understand your address is real.

One thing you can figure on, though, is that every doable address at the larger email providers will get spammed at some purpose, simply from this sort of dictionary, or random character attack. It costs spammers almost nothing to try do this.

About The Author
Dorothy Frank been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in spam blocking software, you can also check out her latest website - White Electric Fireplace which reviews and lists the best.